It’s October!?

It’s already October!?  This first semester really flies by, so we just want to make sure with all the craziness of school being in full swing you’re not missing out on these ASTE highlights (and deadlines!)~


We’ve got 1 week until session proposals close on Oct. 14, so if you’ve been thinking about submitting, now’s the time!  Presenting at ASTE is not only a fun time, but also a great addition to ye olde vitae, and an excellent way to connect with your peers around Alaska!  It also doesn’t hurt that you’ll get a 10% discount off your registration price~


ASTE will be hosting a yoga room this year to promote health and self-care, and we’re looking for attendees who would be interested in leading some sessions.  No need for anything fancy, think classroom yoga, gentle stretching, working on stiff shoulders/sore feet, that kind of thing. Yoga teachers will receive the same 10% discount as presenters.  If interested please contact


Registration is open!  Take advantage of the Early Bird special with the 20200EB discount code.  Early Bird discount ends Nov 21, and the way this year is going that’s just around the corner!  Teachers, ask your principals! Principals, send your teachers (and come yourselves)! Tech professionals, get on over here! Media Specialists!  Board Members! STUDENTS!!! ASTE’s got something for everyone!


Every year at ASTE we look to celebrate those who have gone above and beyond in the world of education.  But in order to celebrate, we need YOU to nominate! Tell us about those teachers, tech professionals, administrators, and students that exude a level of commitment and excellence that just knocks your socks off~  Visit the link to learn more about Leadership Awards and how to nominate!


Dust off those photos!  Keep that mic hot! The 20th Anniversary of the IdidaContest is coming up, and we are so excited to showcase the best of Alaska through song, pictures, movies, books, apps, things… we’ve got it all!  Well YOU’VE got it all, and we’re asking you to share it with us! Feel free to reach out to your regional rep if you have any questions on rules, regulations, or just how to submit.  And PLEASE let us know if you’re interested in judging, as we’re always looking for help in that area (and there’s a credit available to you if you do!)

This year is going to be amazing!  We’ve got some really stellar keynotes lined up, a yoga room (sound bodies, sound minds!), and don’t forget it’s our 40th anniversary, so be ready to put on your party pants!  We’re so excited and can’t wait to see you all at ASTE 2020!