3 Great Reasons to present at ASTE this year!


ASTE AvatarThe deadline for presenting at this year’s ASTE Conference is fast approaching, October 3rd to be exact. What you may not realize is that ASTE needs what you have to offer – your expertise, your journey, your reflection. Historically (and all too often), education is a profession that invites us to forge ahead day-by-day with a deficit of time and resources. When we stop to look around us, we see that there are great things happening in the classrooms in our buildings. Even better, we see that WE are doing great things.


Amanda Adams – ASTE President Elect


Reason #1 – A Chance to Reflect

This brings us to the ‘stop and look around part’ of the scenario above. It is well-proven that reflection provides great insight, stronger impact, and development of skills. Danielson, Marzano, and more look to reflection to guide professional practice. Who are we to argue with the experts? So, really presenting at ASTE is about YOU and your growth. Treat yourself!   


Reason #2 – A Chance to Contribute

Now that we have wrapped our head around why presenting is good for us, let’s talk about why it is great for others. We greatly value when our colleagues share ideas with us and talk about the new things they are trying out or learning about. Sharing their journey right? It helps us grow and ponder how we can apply these ideas to our practice. So, really presenting at ASTE has the dual effect of not only helping you grow but helping others grow.


Reason #3 – A Chance to Exchange

So… We get something; they get something. It doesn’t stop with that. Reflecting and sharing our practice leads to discussion. The exchange of ideas that occurs at ASTE is incredible. We walk away from those conversations inspired to try a new angle, connect with resources, and keep in contact with those you have met. So, really presenting at ASTE is about the connections that you make with others along the way.


The opportunity to reflect, contribute, and exchange is just a quick application away. Submit your proposal today!


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