4 Reasons to Nominate Someone for the ASTE Board

oct-blog-pic‘Tis the season of elections, is it not? Time to select those we want to represent us. Time to stand up and do our share to further the causes we are passionate about. Time to consider running for an office or nominating someone else to run for a seat on the ASTE board. The board consists of a small group of hard-working, fun-loving people who are united in their goal of furthering technology integration in the state of Alaska. The focus of the board is to put on the conference every year in February and offer regular PD opportunities via the networks throughout the year. As boards go, it is not a heavy commitment with the post-conference Spring and Summer pretty light on duties, then a slow build up to the conference in February.

The positions that are open this year are as follows: Regional representatives for Anchorage, Western, Southcentral, Northern, along with Secretary and President Elect. The regional reps serve mainly as a conduit of information by passing ASTE information on the conference or PD opportunities to the region while reporting back to the ASTE board the innovative things going on in the region. (Regional Map) The Secretary has the function, as you might expect, of recording and keeping track of all the business and minutes. The leadership structure for ASTE presidents is a 3 year commitment with a year shadowing the President as the President Elect, a year as President, followed by a year in a support role as Past President. It is a smooth process that allows for the institutional knowledge to be passed down effectively. The machine that is the ASTE organization runs well and has dedicated volunteers that make this possible, so the Presidents have a strong base of support! Read more about the duties of the positions here!

There is a plethora of reasons to run for a position or nominate a leader that you know, but here let’s focus on 4 key reasons…

Furthering your professional practice – There is no way to grow quite like putting pressure on your skills and boundaries by trying something new. Running for a statewide board offers you the opportunity to expand your skills in leadership, advocacy, and service to the profession. Whether you are a Marzano fan or a Danielson fan, you will find participating in ASTE great evidence for Domain 4 – Professional Responsibilities.

Getting Active in Statewide Movement – The times are a changin’… policies, laws, technology – all of it continues to move forward and shift. Participation on a statewide board allows you to keep up with the news and be involved with the progression of education, specifically the role of technology, in our state. With the new ESSA law in place, changes at DEED with a new commissioner, and budgetary shifts, there is a lot on the state horizon for education. It is not as hard to keep up when you are in the middle of it!

Focusing Your Energy on a Worthy Cause – Does technology integration speak to your passions? This is the 21st century after all! A time when technology is incorporated into our lifestyles, even integral in some ways. Making sure that it is accessible to all and to be part of helping train people to use it, is a cause that will help our world. Connecting everyone has been a focus of efforts at every level, including the President.

Improving Outcomes for Students – In the end though, it is all about the kids right? The more that they have available to them, the more that their teachers can integrate it, the more they are able to participate in our society to their fullest potential. Working with the ASTE board will offer the opportunity to be a part of the movement to continue building the opportunities and in turn the outcomes for our students.

Give it some thought… Consider yourself… Consider those around you… Who will YOU nominate?

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