From Mark Standley, ASTE President

It’s no wonder that ASTE, one of oldest ISTE affiliates and HSTE, one of the newest, would come together to learn from each other and share in the Hawaiian spirit of “aloha”. While hard to translate, Aloha fully describes what Alaskans feel when we interact with our HSTE partners.

Recently, Board Member and iDidacontest chair, John Rusyniak and I were guest/presenters at the HSTE School of the Future Conference in Honolulu. We were able to share our experiences with the iDidaContest and lessons learned over the past 14 years of growing and producing our student/educator media contest statewide. John did such a wonderful job explaining the care and joy we have of creating an opportunity for students and educators to share their story through media (movie, photo, podcast, tune, and documentary) each year. Wonderful educator volunteers evaluate and give written feedback to each entry. We hope that Hawaii will start their own “islandmovie” in support of student and educator voices in their communities.

The other path we walk together with HSTE is sharing the importance and relevancy of Leadership Summits. Our Leadership Summit in 2013 featured “1:1 Digital Initiatives” facilitated by Cheryl Lemke, Metiri Group, and Steve Moss. Elizabeth Garrison, HSTE Board member, brought back the idea and practicality of the Leadership Summit to HSTE’s Schools of the Future Conference. With Cheryl Lemke, Steve Moss and ISTE’s President Kecia Rae, over 90 educators from around Hawaii came to listen, share, and learn about 1:1 programs and the “guidebooks” that are being created to help create capacity for 1:1 programs.

The Leadership Summit(s), the sharing and sponsorship of Board Members at each other’s Conferences, the interest in learning about each other bylaws, organization structures, and generally creating a supportive spirit of “kokua” is at the heart of this wonderful and productive partnership between ASTE and HSTE.

We look forward to hosting HSTE’s Vice President, Mike Travis at ASTE 2014 and encouraging more projects between our two states and ISTE affiliates. Given the great history of collaboration between our US Senators Steven and Inoyaye, the sharing of timber and native expertise with Hawaii’s Polynesian Voyaging Society, and ALL the common cultural and economic values of subsistence, 21st Century learners, and statewide digital learning initiatives, it’s the greatest joy and aloha to be able to honor and value our partnership with HSTE.



Aloha to our ASTE affiliate friends!

From Brett Tanaka, President HSTE

Hope you and John had a great time here in Hawaii and at our Schools of the Future conference. It was a pleasure meeting up with you folks again after our first ASTE/HSTE affiliate get-together event at the ISTE San Antonio conference. In my opinion, our partnership is part of the essence of what ISTE is all about. After attending the ISTE San Antonio conference for the first time, it became clear to me that our respective affiliate efforts are more than just about educational technology. Rather, it is the opportunity for our members to network and share with others who have the same common focus. It is in the power of learning from others that will help provide added value to our respective members and affiliate efforts.

In addition, I am looking forward to continue supporting the Hawaii Educational Leadership Summit’s 1:1 workgroup participants by connecting them with our SIG 1:1 group development efforts. At the ISTE conference, I attended the SIG 1:1 session and it was interesting to see how there were many other school districts challenged with the same educational technology issues that we have been trying to address. It became clear to me that the ISTE SIGs provide a way for our members to connect with a larger national and/or international group to collaborate and share their common interest.

Last, our ASTE/HSTE affiliate member exchange provides another opportunity to learn from each other. Although our HSTE member meeting turnout was small, it was great to hear John’s presentation about the iDida contest and will be looking into the possibility of restarting our former “Island Movie” digital media contest under our HSTE affiliate efforts. John’s presentation reminded me that we both share rich cultural heritage that provides our students a variety of opportunities to express their creativity through digital media technology. Just like we are doing for our members, I am looking forward to the possibility of expanding our partnership to involve our students as well.

Will be in touch and looking forward to a very exciting road ahead of us!