ASTE 2016 starts this Saturday!

ASTE AvatarThere are many vital aspects to participating in the conference:  cultivating your professional growth with skills and new knowledge, refreshing and invigorating your passion for teaching, and so much more! Arguably one of the most vital aspects is the time that you spend with peers, colleagues, and leaders. The processing and sharing that occurs in this time simply can not be done (or is at least very, very rare) on a normal day-to-day basis where we are burdened with the daily pressures of our work. Check out some of the unique opportunities to engage with others coming your way at the conference…



  • ASTE Newbie class – 8:30am – led by ASTE president Bill Burr. Is this your first time to ASTE? This informal discussion will give you the ins and outs of the conference.
  • Iron Chef Part 1 – put on the Disrupting the Institution Network at 8:30am. This will be an interactive and collaborative session that will come up with solutions to challenges using the ISTE standards. (There will be a Part 2 on Tuesday!)
  • Regional Meet-ups – Lunch time! This will be an opportunity to chat with others in your region and talk about what is happening on the IT front.


  • ASTE Credit Class – with Tammy Morris @ 8:30am. This is the option of a 1 or 2 credit class where you will have great discussions and sharing learning with your fellow conference attendees.
  • IT Network – Are you IT staff with your district? Your peers are meeting at 1:15 for some discussion time together.


  • EdCamp Lunch – Topics will be posted outside rooms on the lower level for those interested to grab their lunch and discuss the topics most pressing for them.
  • iDidaNight – An excitement-filled dinner to celebrate the winners of this fun contest. Join other conference attendees in reveling in the creative use of technology of Alaskan students and teachers!


  • Regional Caucuses at Lunch – Discuss the IT needs of your region with your regional reps. Give feedback on your experience at ASTE and share your needs for future conferences.

Keynotes!! Plan to attend every one of them! The speaker lineup is stellar and there is so much to learn from them. Finally, there are the Robotics and Art rooms… places to dig into the technology, debrief, get creative and explore. Can’t wait for ASTE? Blink and it will be here!

Only 10 in-person spots still available for the 2022 conference! Register Today!