Join the ASTE Board in 2020!

ASTE opens the search for leadership, will you answer the call? The ASTE board is accepting nominations for its 2020 Board of Directors. The positions that are open this year are as follows:

Regional representatives for two-year terms are Interior, Southeast, Northern.  Regional representative in the Southcentral Region is for a one year term. Officer seats for Treasurer, (two-year term) and President-Elect. (three-year term, progressing from President-elect to President, to Past President)

The regional reps participate in the board’s decision-making duties and represent their area in the management of ASTE. What region are you in? see this map to find out Regional Map.

To nominate yourself or someone you know, click here!

The Regional Representative shall:

  • Maintain regional communication on the ASTE web site/social media
  • Provide content to the web manager of the ASTE web site
  • Support regional members by providing opportunities, which may include: regional meetings, newsletters, audio conferences, grant opportunities, etc.
  • Inform regional membership of appropriate professional development and conference opportunities
  • Lead regional caucus meetings at the annual conference
  • Attend and participate in regularly scheduled Board meetings.

The Treasurer shall:

  • Keep accurate accounting of all money received and paid, including original copies of all bills presented, appropriate receipts, and bank statements
  • Pay all bills within the authorized budget promptly
  • Secure the authorization of the Executive Board to pay bills not provided for in the budget
  • Deposit all monies received promptly and keep original copies of deposit slips
  • Maintain necessary bank accounts in the name of ASTE
  • Deposit all reserve or temporarily excess revenue in a high yield federally insured account
  • Prepare a current statement of the financial status of ASTE for each Board meeting
  • Submit a full, current fiscal report of all receipts and disbursement for all face to face Board meetings and at the end of each fiscal year (June 30)
  • Prepare a budget proposal in conjunction with the incoming President for submissions to Board of Directors for advice, recommendation, and adoption for the coming fiscal year
  • Submit any necessary financial filings in a timely manner, including federal tax returns and non-profit status applications
  • Maintain sole responsibility for disbursement of funds. The only exception being the Executive Board has given limited authority to a particular person(s) for a specific duration and then revoked
  • Provide content to the web manager of the ASTE web site
  • The Treasurer may assign any of these duties to a board-approved designee.

The leadership structure for ASTE presidents is a 3 year commitment with a year shadowing the President as the President Elect, a year as President, followed by a year in a support role as Past President. It is a smooth process that allows for the institutional knowledge to be passed down effectively. The machine that is the ASTE organization runs well and has dedicated volunteers that make this possible, so the Presidents have a strong base of support! See the ASTE Bylaws

The President-Elect shall:

  • Appoint the nominating committee
  • Serve as President in his or her absence
  • Assume the responsibilities of the president in the case of resignation or inability of the president to fulfill the duties as assigned, and shall then serve the full year to which elected
  • Identify the vendor chair for the conference
  • Will carry out election duties in accordance with Article 5, Section 2 of the bylaws
  • Provide content to the web manager of the ASTE web site