ASTE 2018 Conference


February 17th – 20th


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We are moving into a time when education is more and more about the individual – their interests, needs, and what inspires them. Students are guiding their learning with the support of their teachers and going on new paths not previously imagined. Educators and Students collaborating to curate learning playlists of content, but it doesn’t end there! Educators are learners too! We now have the opportunity, and indeed perhaps the expectation, to design and craft our own Professional Development. And why not? We are better educators when we are immersed in learning ourselves. Come expand your horizons and break barriers with professional development that YOU design at ASTE. Curate your PD Playlist! Share what you are doing and cultivate your interests through collaborating and connecting with others on similar paths. Design your own PD at the ASTE 2018 Conference. What’s on your PD Playlist?

 COLLABORATE with others with similar interests!

CONNECT with PD opportunities and resources!

CURATE your PD playlist around YOU!

CONTRIBUTE what you are doing to inspire others!

Make ASTE 2018 your PD playground for exploration alongside more than 400 Alaskan educators incorporating technology into education to transform learning for their students AND themselves. Dive into the incredible line up of speakers, workshops, and sessions to create your playlist of learning!