ASTE 6th Annual Leadership Summit

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Was held on Saturday, February 18, 2017



downloadSummit facilitation and keynote by Chris Lehmann

“The myth of the single teacher, bucking the odds to be that one great teacher in a school may make for a great Hollywood movie, but it rarely — if ever — leads to lasting, effective change. We must examine the manner in which our schools and classrooms are set up so that the greatest number of students, teachers and even principals can thrive and learn and feel valued. This session is focused on looking at institutional change, so that attendees can explore what they value and then examine the systems in their districts, schools and classrooms that must change to reflect those values.” Source  Personalizing PD means empowering teacher leaders to take an active role in thriving. With breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, and district team work time, the focus of the day will be developing concrete action steps to take upon returning to their district to make change in the institution.

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Most recently published book: Building School 2.0



Focus: Effective, personalized PD

Buzz words: Personalized learning, Personalized PD, Institutional Change, Reflect Community Values


  • Leave with a result / product = concrete steps to take when they get back
  • Strategies to maximize PD under budget constraints
  • Strategies to personalize PD for teachers
  • Strategies to empower Teacher Leaders

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