ASTE Announces it’s 2020-21 Newly Elected Board Members


ASTE recently held elections for its positions on the 2020-2021 Board. Our newly elected board members are listed below.

The ASTE Board works to promote the following for all Alaskan learners:

  • Access to technology
  • Connectivity to information resources
  • Technology integration

The purposes of the organization are to provide, promote, and encourage:

  • a professional educational technology association within the state of Alaska
  • for the sharing and exchange of ideas, techniques, materials, and procedures for use in educational technology
  • general recognition of the vital role played by educational technology professionals
  • appropriate use of technology for the improvement of instruction and educational management
  • collaboration between business, educational entities, and community
  • professional standards and the effective integration of technology into instructional programs
  • membership and participation in the Alaska Society for Technology in Education


Bill Burr

Bill Burr has been a teacher, principal, Tech Director, and a number of other positions in Alaska for 23 years and first attended ASTE 1998. He has served on the ASTE Board since 2010 serving as an Interior Rep., Treasurer, and President in 2016 and 2019.




Jason Fastenau

As the Treasurer for the last five years, Jason has been a leader in the development of a sustainable financial plan and detailed budget for ASTE. This position requires a detailed understanding of the current and historical budget and finances of the organization as well as the logistics of running a conference.  Jason’s experience as Treasurer for the last five years, and nine total years on the ASTE board has allowed him to develop the skills and working relationships with contractors to be an effective Treasurer. As Treasurer, Jason helps guide the board financial decisions, works to educate the board about finances and organizational budgets, and works extensively with the ASTE contractors.


Jason has worked as a teacher and technology specialist in Alaska for 18 years, and currently serves as the Director of Technology in the Cordova City School District.



Interior  Representative




Dan LaSota


  • B.S. Physics and Astronomy (1987), University of Rochester

  • Alaska Teaching Certificate (1989), University of Alaska Fairbanks

  • M. Ed. Online Instructional Design (2015), the University of Alaska Fairbanks

By day, Dan, the instructional designer, works with faculty across the University of Alaska system to improve teaching and course design whether it be face-to-face or online. Dan is also an adjunct faculty member and teaches “Introduction to Programming and Algorithmic Thinking, CS 180”, through the Computer Science department at UAF. Interests include games, gaming, science, good government, and playing the viola.


Served two consecutive elected terms (1993-1999). Appropriated 90-100 million dollar budget annually for education, public works, library services, public recreation, planning and zoning, animal control, transportation, and rural services and debt retirement. Served as Presiding Officer from 1998–1999. Chaired the Budget, Audit and Assembly Board of Ethics Committees, created the Y2K Task force represented the Borough at the Alaska Municipal League and lobbied Alaska Legislature and US Congress on matters concerning Fairbanks and Alaska residents


  • Private Pilot Certificate, FAA, 1987.

  • Trained in Negotiation and Mediation 1995.

  • Served as SXSW Edu advisory board, also presented a session on “Badging and Gamification as a Motivational Tool for the Online Student”, 2014, Austin Texas




Northern  Representative

Amy Eakin

Amy Eakin is the Director of Technology for the Northwest Arctic Borough School District. This is her 4th year in this role and 23rd year in education and the NWAB region of Alaska.  Amy previously taught math, science, and technology in Noorvik Aqqaluk School and Kotzebue Middle High School. She is a certified Apple technician and Apple teacher. Amy was recently awarded the ISTE Digital Citizenship PLN Award for 2019 and firmly believes that children should be empowered through education and technology.  She is motivated by continually learning and spending time with her family.

Southcentral  Representative

John Notestine

My name is John Notestine, and I am honored to be a STEM teacher at Wasilla High School; but more importantly, I am proud to be a 21st-century educator. What is a 21st-century educator? To me, it means that I will do whatever is necessary and possible to prepare my students for the future.

I recognize the need for professional growth in education, and I go above and beyond to ensure that my students benefit from that knowledge. This is my 15th year of teaching, and in that time, I have been the Alaska STEM teacher of the year, a BP Teacher of Excellence, participated in numerous scholarship committees, worked as our union’s bargaining spokesperson, and served on several educational boards. I pioneered and developed the digital media, computer science, and robotics programs at Wasilla High School. My current teaching load includes Broadcast Journalism, AP Computer Science, Robotics, and Digital Media courses.

Aside from education, I am also an avid outdoor enthusiast disguised as a tech-nerd. My addictions include mountain biking and whitewater kayaking. This year I will be participating in several of the Alaska Ulta-Marathons including the Susitna 100 and IditaSport races.

ASTE is a prodigious organization that brings a lot to the state of Alaska. My students and I have been active ASTE participants for several years – submitting and winning many Iditacontests and presenting media and robotics sessions. I am currently interim ASTE Southcentral board representative, and I would be honored to continue to work and serve for ASTE.

Southeast  Representative

Jon Kludt-Painter

Jon Kludt-Painter’s teaching experience ranges from 3rd-12th grade over the span of 24 years. In 2010 he earned an M.Ed. Educational Technology degree from UAS, and then began working as a technology director and digital integration support person for Petersburg School District. Jon works with teachers to implement new and emerging technology with the goal of supporting teachers at the exact time they need support. His days are spent supporting staff with digital resources, monitoring the network, teaching computer repair, and computer-aided drafting and manufacturing. Using technology to do what was once impossible without it, is his passion.