ASTE…ISTE… Acronyms galore!

Your Alaska Society for Technology in Education is an affiliate organization to ISTE, the International Society of Technology in Education. The last weekend in June every year is the ISTE Conference. And man! What a ride! This year’s conference is coming up June 25-28th in San Antonio, Texas.


Many ASTE members attend ISTE each year. Last year was my first! Now, I have been to my fair share of conferences, but ISTE takes the cake! The sheer vastness of it alone leaves anyone attending filled to the brim with energy and inspiration. There is far more than sessions to attend. There are playgrounds, an incredible vendor hall, keynotes of extraordinary caliber, and gatherings of all sorts. Really, there is something for everyone and a lot of it!


Networking… People from all over the world attend ISTE. Whether you are looking for educators in your content area or opportunities for growth, you will find this and more at ISTE. Creating a network and having those resources to draw upon continually is personalized professional development at its best!


Exposure… ISTE attendees see what is happening all over the country and world in classrooms, what technologies are coming out, and how they are being used. Staying abreast of what is happening in the education realm is key to advancing our own practices.


Inspiration… See what you haven’t thought of yet; see what could be happening in your practice; see what you can bring to the world. We all need fuel for our fire. Educators are typically in need of rejuvenation over the summer in order to head back in the Fall, what better place to do it than ISTE.


If you can, attend a conference. If you can, attend ISTE. It is phenomenal!