ASTE Networks opportunities a benefit for ASTE members.

Do you ever want toCreativity & Communication learn more, but you never feel you have the time to do it. I feel that every year. Were you aware we had professional development offered year round from ASTE? This is one of the perks of being an ASTE member, we have networks focused on the 5 areas we have found our members are most interested in. If you have been an ASTE member for a while, you would also be familiar with the previous term we used – SiGs or Special Interest Groups. The 5 networks are Distance Education, Disrupting the institution, Creativity and Communication, Informational Technology, and finally, STEM. In ASTE, the networks are groups of people with similar interests led by a volunteer network leader.
This past year we offered opportunities for you to jump in and observe an online high school class work with multiple locations. We offered times for informal gathering to share how you are implementing STEM in your classroom, Twitter meet ups, Skype chats, and we also had an introductory session on paper circuitry. It was wonderful to see how your network leaders came up with creative ways to reach out to our members.
To gear up for this year’s ASTE Conference, two networks have events coming up. On January 25th from 7-8 PM, you can try out a Twitter chat. Share your experiences and read how other teachers integrate STEM in classrooms. Search for and use the #STEMchat and #akedchat hashtags on Twitter. On the 29th, the DI network is having a Google Hangout at 6 PM about the Maker Movement. Regularly, our IT network has a Skype chat where they share current resources and chat with others live around the state. They also have a repository for all IT to get codes and shared information. For more information on any of these events, email me or join that network’s Facebook page.
Our networks are fledgling and we hope you will feel free to participate. These networks are led by teachers here in Alaska, for you. These same people help to choose the sessions offered at ASTE while hosting a few events through the year. Our leaders have a 2 year commitment so each year I am looking for new leaders. This is an excellent opportunity for you engage with others from around the state, learn more about topics, and engage with others. There are three networks recruiting new leaders this year.  If you would like to be a leader for Distance Education, Creativity and Communication or Disrupting the Institution please contact me at For more information about each of the Networks, check out the webpage on www.aste,org
I hope you will join us on the 25th and/ or 27th and try out meeting up with local teachers. We are here for you and hope you will gain from the ASTE experience!

Only 10 in-person spots still available for the 2022 conference! Register Today!