ASTE21 – How can teachers get to ASTE? Federal Funding is available.

aste 2021 conferenceYour district can fund your teachers’ PD through ASTE using Federal Funding. 

In just the past 3 months the pandemic has exposed the undeniable need that teachers have for the tools and skills of current educational technology in order to meet the demands of this decade.  But how do we provide training in an organized, informative and useful way, as opposed to throwing teachers into a storm of information with no help or guidance. 


As an administrator for your district, we would like to help you consider using federal program money to support ASTE 2021. For instance:

Title II-A, Title II

ASTE is professional development at it’s best. For Title II funds, the professional development needs to be evidence-based. ASTE is an affiliate of the ISTE international organization and as an affiliate we have endorsed and practiced the ISTE Standards. ISTE has decades of research backing it’s ISTE STANDARDS. The ISTE Standards are a framework for innovation in education. These standards help educators and education leaders worldwide prepare learners to thrive in work and life.  To learn more about the standards and to read the research basis for the ISTE Standards for Students, see

Title II funds lists the following in it’s description of “evidence-based”

“The term evidence-based means an activity, strategy, or intervention that—

(i)  demonstrates a statistically significant effect on improving student outcomes or other relevant outcomes based on—

(I) strong evidence from at least 1 well-designed and well-implemented experimental study;

(II) moderate evidence from at least 1 well-designed and well-implemented quasi-experimental study; or

 (III)  promising evidence from at least 1 well designed and well-implemented correlational study with statistical controls for selection bias; or


(I) demonstrates a rationale based on high quality research findings or positive evaluation that such activity, strategy, or intervention is likely to improve student outcomes or other relevant outcomes; and

(II) includes ongoing efforts to examine the effects of such activity, strategy, or intervention.

Title IV-A: Area 3, 410

Title IV-A, Area 3, 410 stipulates the use of digital tools to support digital citizens through effective and meaningful use of technology in the classroom. 

For districts who receive $30,000 or more in Title IV-A funds, a portion of funds must be spent on Priority 3: Effective use of technology.

In IV-A consider priority Area 3. District staff use digital tools to connect with students supporting online engagement. Students need guidance as digital citizens and learn best with effective and meaningful use of technology in the classroom. ASTE offers training in current uses of technology for students in our global world. Teachers engage with other teachers to explore digital citizenship, online instruction, and supporting students as they connect across culture, languages, time zones to build relevance in learning. Upon return, staff share with others in their department, school and district what they learn at professional development meetings. 

ASTE offers training in current uses of technology for connected learners and teachers in online instruction. ASTE fits into 410- Professional and Technical- Funding for your district team to attend ASTE 2021 February 13-16 in Anchorage.


Lastly, if applicable, to your district, consider using CARES Act “to support quality professional development in digital instruction.”