A New Kind of PD

  What is PD? What is DIY PD? Let’s take stock of these acronyms being thrown around.. Officially, “PD” is Professional Development.  This used to look like trainings that we would attend that exposed us to a new program, system or curriculum that the district purchased and we were to implement. Research showed that this» Learn More

Sixteen years into the 21st century, the way that we look at technology in education continues to evolve.

Summer Blog post submitted by Amanda Adams We’ve all heard phrases like “our students will have jobs that are not invented yet”. In order to address the needs of current students, ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education, has updated their standards for students to match present demands. The ISTE Standards for Students have» Learn More

SELFIE ASTE 2017 Exhbitors

E-rate application period extended

Hey ASTE members,  The USAC has extended the FY2016 E-rate application window.  Districts now have an extra four weeks to submit their E-rate applications.  The new closing date is May 26, 2016.  This will allow districts more time to submit their E-rate applications. To learn more about this years E-rate see the links below. USAC» Learn More

Leveraging Your ASTE Membership Throughout the Year

As we walk away from ASTE 2016 with new knowledge, new resources, and new friends the benefits of ASTE membership come with us. It is easy to be inspired and eager to try new things after attending the conference, but regular infusions of inspiration do us a world of good in our day-to-day lives. Here» Learn More

ASTE 2016 starts this Saturday!

There are many vital aspects to participating in the conference:  cultivating your professional growth with skills and new knowledge, refreshing and invigorating your passion for teaching, and so much more! Arguably one of the most vital aspects is the time that you spend with peers, colleagues, and leaders. The processing and sharing that occurs in» Learn More

ASTE iDida Night Buffet Dinner is Monday, February 22, at 5:00 pm.

Don’t miss ASTE iDidaNight! Monday, February 22, at 5:00 pm in the Discovery Ballroom – Buffet Dinner * Ticketed Event* (Select this event in your ASTE registration to receive your ticket.)    ASTE is well known for its iDidaMovie Contest and for encouraging creativity and technology in Alaskan schools through this contest. The 2012 Alaska» Learn More

ASTE Networks opportunities a benefit for ASTE members.

Do you ever want to learn more, but you never feel you have the time to do it. I feel that every year. Were you aware we had professional development offered year round from ASTE? This is one of the perks of being an ASTE member, we have networks focused on the 5 areas we» Learn More

10 days to Xmas… and only 67 to ASTE!

by Genie Siedler – Executive Director 10 days to Xmas! and only 67 Days to ASTE! Get the approval you need to attend. Here are some tips for writing a letter to your supervisor: Review the 2016 ASTE Online Schedule & choose sessions/workshops you wish to attend. Plan to attend the Leadership Summit with Carl» Learn More

Take Care of Yourself!

Emanuela Pokryfki CC Network Co-Leader We are in the full swing of this school year, the first quarter has already closed and now we are getting closer to the holidays seasons which is going to bring the closing of the first semester before we can even realize it. The healthy glow we had on our» Learn More