The Hybrid High School – A Divergence from the Norm

By Amanda Adams,  ASTE Board, Southcentral Representative –   Ever find yourself lost in the catchphrases of the educational realm? It is a real possibility that educators use a word, but have two or more different interpretations of it as we continue delving into the future of education. What was once a single path is» Learn More

Welcome ASTE 2015 members! 

You have come from far and wide to gather, share stories, and celebrate successes in educational technology. This great state is full of opportunities. We have some of the greatest minds in education, incredible tools at our disposal, and leaders capable of making dramatic changes at the federal level. You have a chance during the» Learn More

Take action and weigh in on reauthorization of the ESEA (aka NCLB)

ASTE Members, With so many things to be thankful for here in Alaska, we forget to take a step back at times and take stock of what we have.  I do this often and in reflection I think of ways to maintain what the schools I serve already have and how I can capitalize on» Learn More

Red Boucher Scholarship deadline is January 30th.

Red’ Boucher is recognized, at the state and national level, as one of the pioneers of the Information Age and a recognized authority on the subject of computer-mediated communication. He realized that computers were a tool to help connect Alaskans to each other. Red was one of the first elected Lieutenant Governors of Alaska, and» Learn More

Classroom Gamification: Minecraft and The Giver

by Tracie Weisz, ASTE Interior Rep “Things could change, Gabe. Things could be different.” Jonas to Gabriel in Lois Lowry’s The Giver During the last two weeks of November, over 800 students from across Alaska to as far away as Florida began to appreciate just how different school could be.  GiverCraft, a project put together» Learn More

Reflections on a Joyful Semester – Amanda Duvall

The end of the semester is upon me here in Sitka and I like to look at what I did this semester deciding what went well and what needs to be changed. I am the technology teacher at Blatchley Middle School and my goal is to find websites that the students can use now and» Learn More

E-Rate Funding Increase on the Horizon

Great job… that’s all I can say. You did it.     You spoke up for what was important to you and they listened. This is not just a victory for a single organization, like ASTE, or even of talented influencers like Hilary Goldmann and Brian Lewis’ team at ISTE; this is a victory for» Learn More

Staying Connected

Staying Connected I don’t know about you, but ASTE has always been the highlight of my school year. The professional development offered, the sessions presented, and the connections made can fundamentally change how we educate. To this end let me encourage you to stay connected. If you have an old email from a new friend» Learn More

Take our Survey! DL Network ( Distance Learning) Blog

Hello, fellow ASTE members! Since the new academic year is beginning soon for all of us, we wanted to take some time today to apprise you about our Distance Learning survey project. In our sessions last year, we were very impressed by the great work in Distance Learning taking place across the state. There are» Learn More

C&C Network Blog Post- Finding inspiration for the school year.

  Happy Summer to all of you C&C folks out there! It has been a very eventful summer for me so far! My husband and I just got back from an amazing 3 week trip to Italy. As a music teacher, I got to experience some AMAZING things. There were music festivals in almost every» Learn More