Take a moment and tell your U.S. Senator you support ed tech today!

For the first time in many years, real momentum is building to provide federal dollars for educational technology. Add your voice and make your case by sending a letter to your U.S. senators encouraging them to fund educational technology for fiscal year 2015. Strapped for ideas? Use our template below to help tell your digital» Learn More

What is Net Neutrality and why should ASTE members care?

Net Neutrality is a simple concept the vast majority of our population supports and believes should be protected at all costs. The Chairman of the FCC officially supports it, too: “Preserving the Internet as an open platform for innovation and expression while providing certainty and predictability in the marketplace is an important responsibility of this» Learn More

Use your voice.

As the Advocacy Chair for the year between the 2014 conference 2015 conferences, I am pleased to represent you in the best way I can. The first thing I would encourage you to do is learn about the issues. As in any organization and as a citizen of your community, you have a responsibility to» Learn More

Game On!

  Game On! It’s the ASTE 2015 Conference! We’d like students to help lead the way! The ASTE 2015 conference is going to explore gaming, including from the student perspective. Would you like to present? As always, proposals of all kinds are welcome. But we are particularly enthusiastic about receiving proposals that: –       feature some» Learn More

ASTE Interior Region Educators Carry On the Nature, Learning, and Technology Theme

By Tracie Weisz, ASTE Interior Region Board Rep Regional representatives on the ASTE board are always eager to hear about exciting and innovative ways our members are using technology in education. Iditarod Area School District, in the Interior Region, has been doing some noteworthy things with their students for the past couple of years. Some» Learn More

Planning for 2015 begins! Our focus will be on games…

Although ASTE 2014 has only been over for a couple of months the ASTE board of directors and executive director are already getting ready for ASTE 2015. We will be getting together towards the end of April to set up calendars, look over bylaws and decide how we will accomplish everything so that we can» Learn More

Epic Yearbook Photo Contest, Students and Teachers Can Enter – Win Olympus Digital Cameras, an iPad, and 30 Yearbooks

ASTE Members, does your school create yearbooks? Get your photography class to enter this contest! Digital Wish is running a yearbook photo contest and entries are due May 5, 2014, on Cinco de Mayo.  Digital Wish teamed up with Olympus, Picaboo Yearbooks, and a talented photographer from USA Today to give away three Olympus digital» Learn More

What Does ASTE Mean To You?

Well another ASTE has come and gone. If my count is correct, this is my 7th. I remember my first trip out when I was a teacher back in Togiak, AK. I was stir-crazy and aching for a restaurant dinner, a movie on the big screen, and a trip to the mall to just mingle» Learn More

Keep the ASTE fires burning..

Tammy Van Wyhe ASTE South Central Region Board Rep   Has it really been a week? According to the calendar, it has: One week ago today, we wrapped up ASTE 2014. Whew! Last night I took time to go back through some notes from the conference, and, as usual, I am overwhelmed by how much» Learn More

Welcome to ASTE 2014!

The theme of the Conference “Nature, Learning, and Technology” comes from a desire to connect students with the natural world, their culture/community, and themselves. The conference this year will explore many ways in which educators and communities are building connections to nature for students.  We so appreciate you coming to the ASTE conference this year» Learn More