What Does ASTE Mean To You?

Well another ASTE has come and gone. If my count is correct, this is my 7th. I remember my first trip out when I was a teacher back in Togiak, AK. I was stir-crazy and aching for a restaurant dinner, a movie on the big screen, and a trip to the mall to just mingle» Learn More

Keep the ASTE fires burning..

Tammy Van Wyhe ASTE South Central Region Board Rep   Has it really been a week? According to the calendar, it has: One week ago today, we wrapped up ASTE 2014. Whew! Last night I took time to go back through some notes from the conference, and, as usual, I am overwhelmed by how much» Learn More

Welcome to ASTE 2014!

The theme of the Conference “Nature, Learning, and Technology” comes from a desire to connect students with the natural world, their culture/community, and themselves. The conference this year will explore many ways in which educators and communities are building connections to nature for students.  We so appreciate you coming to the ASTE conference this year» Learn More

Kes Woodward is ASTE 2014 Artist in Residence

Join Alaska and world renown artist, Kes Woodward to explore the world of nature and art. Kes will be sharing his techniques for creating both analog and digital art around nature, especially birch trees, in a studio setting supported by Anchorage’s Stellar Secondary School art teacher, Chris Selin. You will have the chance to meet» Learn More

Music Making at ASTE

Gear up for ICE JAM 2014, Saturday, February 22, 7:30pm at the ASTE Conference with Skip Via – An informal, unscripted, low tech, high touch, no credit, fun-allowed gathering of anyone who can sing, play, or listen to whatever music comes through the door. Bring an instrument or two if you have one, especially if» Learn More

January Membership Update

Registration for ASTE 2014, Nature, Learning, and Technology is now open. ASTE 2014 offers exciting Keynote Speakers, and more than 200 sessions to choose from. Sign up for workshops before they fill up! iDidaContest Deadline soon! iDidaContest entries* must be received by January 31, 2013 @ Midnight AST.  This year we have nearly 40 judges» Learn More

MOOC offered on Digital Citizenship

Announcing a free MOOC on Digital Citizenship, Spring 2014 through the University of Alaska Southeast’s Masters in Educational Technology Course site: Teacher: Jason Ohler ( The primary goal of the course is to help educators help students live responsible, safe and informed digital lifestyles that don’t require them to sacrifice the sense of excitement» Learn More

December Membership Update

Lots happening in preparation for ASTE 2014, First we welcome our newest board member Cara Heitz to the Board as our interim Anchorage Rep!  It’s going to be great to have her energy and presence in the big city in the next three months and beyond. And, we welcome our energizer Amanda Duvall in a» Learn More

H.A. Red Boucher Scholarship for Alaskan Students

Announcing the Red Boucher Scholarship for Alaskan high school seniors and current college students The Red Boucher Scholarship Fund supports outstanding Alaskan candidates in the pursuit of technology education and/or training to honor H.A. “Red” Boucher. Red Boucher is recognized at the state and national level as one of the pioneers of the Information Age» Learn More

Ididacontest Judges Earn Credit!

iDidaContest Judges Earn Credit Interested in becoming an iDidaContest Judge? This year you will have an opportunity to earn one credit for your time and energy. All judges this year will need to participate in the class we are offering. The idea is that you will 1. learn how our revised judging system works, 2.» Learn More