C&C Network Blog Post- Finding inspiration for the school year.


Happy Summer to all of you C&C folks out there! It has been a very eventful summer for me so far! My husband and I just got back from an amazing 3 week trip to Italy. As a music teacher, I got to experience some AMAZING things. There were music festivals in almost every small town square, delicious foods, and I even got to see Vivaldi’s Church in Venice!! There was so much history in every town we visited, some day I need to go back to learn even more!


Before leaving on a trip around the world, my husband and I both wanted to learn some of the language so we wouldn’t be completely mute on our trip. Perhaps the app I am going to tell you about is not such new news to you, but it was to me, and it was FREE! (I love free.)



Duolingo is a completely free app that can be used on both Apple and Android mobile devices. It is also available online. They offer Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.


I love this app because it works similar to the old style of Rosetta Stone, where you look at pictures and select the correct word. There are also speaking selections and writing selections. Duolingo also ties into next years ASTE theme of GameOn! For each lesson you work on, there are 3 hearts. Each time you make a mistake, you lose a heart. Lose all 3, and it’s “game over” you will need to try again. For some, (like my husband) this might be frustrating, but for me, I found it highly motivating! I wanted to do the best I could to keep all of my lives, and continue on to the next level (or lesson). If you are trying to learn one of the languages they offer, I highly suggest it!


Now that I got my super-awesome vacation out of the way, I am getting down to business and already getting back into school mode. After attending ASTE last winter, I was inspired to make my own classroom website. It has been a work in progress, but I am finally getting somewhere with it over this summer. It is going to tie into my classroom assignments, and host all classroom announcements so information will (hopefully) not be lost in translation to parents.


I have also been working on SmartBoard lessons, and brainstorming new lessons and assignments. Pinterest, I am finding is an amazing collection of ideas and ready made lessons if you know what key words to search for. Who knew that so many teachers were collecting the same things I am?!?


Also, in connection to next years ASTE theme: GameOn! I have been looking for ways to bring more games to my classroom for learning. There really are so many different games out there that can reinforce the topics I teach in my classroom!! Again, thanks to Pinterest, I am finding so many different games for interactive whiteboards, and in the classroom.


Next week, I am off again to attend a Music Together Workshop in Beaverton, Oregon. I am excited to learn more techniques and songs for teaching the “littles” as I affectionately refer to my K-2 students. It should be fun!


How are you using your summer? Are you just relaxing? Planning for next years vacation (and perhaps learning a new language)? Still working diligently toward the education of young people? Do you have any exciting ideas for using technology in your classroom for next year? Are you searching for more ways to inspire children to learn? If you feel so inclined,  feel free to share some of your ideas or places you are finding inspiration. Hopefully in the near future, there will be a place to post ideas and questions relating to technology in the C&C world.


Also, this is my shameless plug: We are still looking for a co-leader to help me out with the C&C network! If you are interested, shoot me a quick email:


Happy Summer!!