Game On!

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Game On! It’s the ASTE 2015 Conference!
We’d like students to help lead the way!

The ASTE 2015 conference is going to explore gaming, including from the student perspective.

Would you like to present? As always, proposals of all kinds are welcome. But we are particularly enthusiastic about receiving proposals that:

–       feature some aspect of gaming

–       feature students, working with teachers, to present at the conference

( to learn more about presenting at ASTE click here)

We want students to show us the games they play, explain why they engage them, and what they learn from them. And we want you to team up with them to make it happen.

We are interested in hearing about games beyond entertainment, such as game based learning “serious” game, gamification,  games that explore social issues and even help to create real life solutions.

Do you use gaming in your classroom? Do your students play games outside of class? Are you interested in teaming up with your students to present something at ASTE 2015?

We’d love to hear from you!therese-ashton-135x150


Thérèse Ashton

ASTE President