This Friday, it’s GO time! GO Global – ASTE 2021

aste 2021 conferenceOnce upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away the landscape of education and learning was limited to the classroom that a student and teacher were sitting in. It depended on the books and tools at their disposal, and it depended on the capacity and endurance of the teachers and students to seek beyond what was in that room. There were borders, boundaries, and geographical distances isolating humans. Technology has continually diminished these barriers offering us a glimpse into the depths of what is possible. Expanding worldviews. Building relevance. Finding common ground to solve problems faced by not one person or culture, but by us all. Technology is allowing us to connect across cultures, languages, time zones, and make what was previously impossible, possible. 


I wrote that in February 2020… I had no idea that the twists and turns of the year would take us farther than we ever could have anticipated through the treacherous and exhausting lands of COVID-19. We have lost much in this year. \But we have also gained. Every educator has gained a whole menu of new skills and been inspired to dive into the very topics that I wrote about last year. This conference will share those experiences that have shaped our world this year. It will describe the ways that teachers have scaled global distances and the tools that they used to do it. 


We have the opportunity here to be inspired by our peers and appreciate their creativity along with crafting our own next steps. Come to ASTE 2021 looking forward. Appreciate what is possible for you now that was not previously. Connect to people and ideas that nourish your thinking. Identify the next step that you are inspired to take. We have amazing things on the horizon. 


See you soon!