January Membership Update

Registration for ASTE 2014, Nature, Learning, and Technology is now open.

ASTE 2014 offers exciting Keynote Speakers, and more than 200 sessions to choose from. Sign up for workshops before they fill up!

iDidaContest Deadline soon!

iDidaContest entries* must be received by January 31, 2013 @ Midnight AST.  This year we have nearly 40 judges that will be reviewing the various entries submitted by you and your students.  Our goal this year is that every entry will receive feedback on what the judges liked as well as any suggestions on how it might be improved.    Along with all of our judges, we’ve modified our rubrics and on-line scoring system.  Rather than judges just giving each project a holistic score judges will have the opportunity to provide a 1 – 5 rating for each trait on the rubric.  Which reminds me, don’t forget to address the standards, you wouldn’t want to automatically miss out on those points.

This year we are providing a University class for our judges to help insure the quality of the feedback.  Here’s a comment from one of our judges.

“I teach 3rd Grade in Delta Junction. Over the years several of my students have participated in iDida movies. It is always exciting for me and them when they bring in their disks, grinning ear to wear, excited that they have finished. It is such a great program and opportunity for my students. I have been fortunate enough to get to attend ASTE several times and I am currently a member. It felt that it was time to get a little more involved by volunteering to become an iDida Contest judge.”

Another change this year is that all movies (both iDidaMovie and iDidaDoc) will be uploaded to Schooltube.  Then you’ll just provide the link when you actually submit to the contest. They have a much faster media server, which will hopefully eliminate some of the hassles for those who wait until the end to upload their projects.  Hint, hint – enter early.  Don’t push it to the end.

There is also a completely new contest this year, iDidanApp for those teachers and students who want to start experimenting with creating your own app. Give it a try, this category is wide open at this point.

Don’t forget there will be bonus prizes for those addressing our Nature theme.  What better place than Alaska to focus on nature.

Enter the contest and attend ASTE 2014.

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