Keep an Eye on Luke!

ASTE Past President Luke Meinart has been identified as one of The National School Boards Association’s “20 to Watch.”  And this is nation-wide, friends!

“This year’s ’20 to Watch’ honorees reflect the different approaches educators are using to advance interest in STEM and STEAM – which includes the Arts in addition to STEM content,” said Thomas J. Gentzel, NSBA, Executive Director & CEO.  With that as their divining rod, it’s no wonder they landed on Luke.  As the Director of Technology for Yukon-Koyokuk School District, Luke understands rural schools and the unique challenges such remoteness can bring about.  And with smarts in his head and ambition in his heart, he takes those challenges and creates solutions, like high-end video conferencing classrooms in every school to increase distance learning and enrichment opportunities, building an enterprise WiFi system personalized to the needs of his schools, and collaborating with telecommunication companies to move the district from satellite-based services to a microwave system.

An advocate for student achievement, Luke also orchestrated a variety of one-to-one deployments, and made sure the proper infrastructure was in place to support said devices.  Because as we all know, without support, technology goes from being a powerful tool to an expensive paperweight (trust me, I’ve been in data-dead spots.  I know).  He also believes in and pushes the ideal that it is okay to learn along with your students – you don’t have to be an expert to utilize edtech tools in the classroom!  In fact a favored quote of his is, “Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.”  I need to stitch that on a pillow one of these days.

We on the ASTE Board are so proud to have Luke as a part of the team, and wish to congratulate him once again on his great achievements and recognitions.  Way to go, Luke!!