Leveraging Your ASTE Membership Throughout the Year


As we walk away from ASTE 2016 with new knowledge, new resources, and new friends the benefits of ASTE membership come with us. It is easy to be inspired and eager to try new things after attending the conference, but regular infusions of inspiration do us a world of good in our day-to-day lives. Here are some of the ways that ASTE continues throughout the year…


Networks – The networks have regular activities throughout the year. Check out their calendar!. They regularly share resources and ideas on their network pages.


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Regions – ASTE members are broken up into 5 regions: Western, Southeast, Southcentral, Northern, Anchorage, Interior. Each region has a representative on the board of ASTE. There will continue to be regular updates through your representative on what is happening around the state and in preparation for ASTE 2017. Not sure who your rep is? Check out the ASTE board webpage!


Contacts – Who did you meet at ASTE? Whose sessions did you go to? Who did you eat lunch with while chatting over new ideas? Don’t forget that these people are a source of inspiration, information, and collaboration! The networking is one of the greatest aspects of ASTE, and something to be utilized to your advantage. Our contacts help us to personalize our learning. They become our PLN or Personal Learning Network. Consider checking in with them regularly throughout the year to see what new things are happening. Don’t forget the conference app is still active, so presenters and attendees are listed along with their profiles.


Resources – One of the mainstays of ASTE is the blog. Regular posts of all types are written year round. Often there are events shared, new ideas, or interesting tidbits about what is happening in the state. This helps you keep up with edtech in our state. Don’t forget about all the sites, apps, presentations, and tools that you learned about during the conference! Consider looking back at your notes regularly to try out something you haven’t had time to get to yet. Trying everything at once is overwhelming, but trying out something new regularly keeps you inspired and fresh.


These different aspects are effective ways to stay involved and on the forefront year-round. As you march into the final leg of the school year, consider having a regular ASTE infusion for inspiration!