Join Us!

We hope you are planning to attend ASTE 2019, if so, then membership for the following year will be included in your registration for the 2019-20 year. You can register after September 15th for the conference here: ASTE 2019 Conference Registration

Categories of Membership

Type Annual Dues
Individual $25.00
Student $10.00

Terms of Membership

Dues may be paid at any time for the current membership year. Terms of membership are outlined below:

Dues are paid: Term of Membership:
At the annual ASTE conference (part of conference registration) Begins on the first day of the annual ASTE conference during which dues were paid and ends on the day before the following year’s conference  starts.
After the annual conference. Begins on the day membership dues are paid and ends on the first day of the next ASTE conference.