ASTE Networks

 What are ASTE Networks?

ASTE builds community within its membership. Members interested in specific topics can find a resource beyond the conference itself through our Networks. Look for sessions with Network endorsement in the conference schedule.

Network Events Calendar 2017-2018

Network Host and Event
Twitter Chat Host
(3rd Thursday at 7 PM)
March 2017 DE Network – 3/15 4pm


All Networks- What are networks?
April  2017 C&C IT
May 2017 STEM STEM
June 2017 IT- Summer Planning- Project/ Portfolio Disrupting the Institution
July 2017  DI

IT- New School Year – Standards matrix/rubric

Creativity and Communication
August 2017 STEM- online newsletter Distance Education
September 2017 STEM- Design Thinking

IT _ E-rate and Equipment Refresh Planning

October 2017 C&C- iDidacontest 2017  Creativity and Communication WITH Disrupting the Institution
November 2017 DE- November 8 at 4PM


Disrupting the Institution
December 2017  STEM- 1st week of the month Distance Education
January 2018 C&C Network-Prepare for Digital Learning Day


IT Network Event (Budget Planning)

February 2018 Distance Education All Networks

Network Event Recordings


C&C Network: Creativity & Communication

Leaders: Nicole Furst and Jenn Miller

Contact them at:

The Creativity and Communications Network strives to support educators utilizing technology through arts and communication. Be it digital storytelling, social networking, showcasing a production online, or learning a new language, the C & C Network want to help each other find ways to reach children on a level that they understand through technology. The Creativity and Communications Network wishes to connect educators so they can collaborate and share their experiences with technology in their field of education. Help us to create a Network to meet your needs in your work with students.

DE Network: Distance Education

Leaders: Dave Dannenberg and Andrea Pokrzywinski

Contact them at:

The intent of the Special Interest Group (Network) on Distance Education is to provide ongoing opportunities for Alaskan Educators to share their innovative ideas and expertise in collaborative discussions and demonstrations to provide excellent distance educational opportunities to all Alaskan students. The focus is to support educators in efficiently and effectively offering all students the opportunity to learn anything, anywhere at anytime via online learning which harnesses multiple aspects of cutting-edge technology.

DI Network: Disrupting the Institution

Leaders: Robanne Stading and Matt Gore

Contact them at:

Disruptive innovation creates new values that can challenge educational institutions. The DI Network considers what disruptive innovation looks like inside the educational institution and how innovative educators can address those challenges.

IT Network: Information Technology

Leaders: Jared Grieve and Justin Michaud

Contact them at:

The 21st Century classroom is quickly evolving and technology (IT) is essential to enhancing learning opportunities and sustaining business operations.  To keep pace with evolving educational and business needs, districts are faced with various IT challenges.  The focus of this network will be to discuss topics impacting various areas of IT.  If you are involved with any of these aspects, you are welcome to join us and discuss these topics.

STEM Network : Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Leaders:Carlyn Nichols and Teresa Hedges

Contact them at:
STEM Network:  The ASTE Special Interest Group for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math exists to provide a professional learning community for educators that have an interest in integrating these disciplines.  STEM Network is aware that art and research are important components of the design process and the scientific method, and although we have chosen to maintain the traditional STEM acronym, the  STEM Network group embraces the ‘A’ and the ‘R’ as well.