Music Making at ASTE

Gear up for ICE JAM 2014, Saturday, February 22, 7:30pm at the ASTE Conference with Skip Via – An informal, unscripted, low tech, high touch, no credit, fun-allowed gathering of anyone who can sing, play, or listen to whatever music comes through the door. Bring an instrument or two if you have one, especially if it’s an accordion.


Skip has been on the faculty of the UAF School of Education Since 2003. Before that he taught K-12 in Alaska for 24 years, including several years in special education, elementary grades, gifted/talented, and district-wide instructional technology specialist. Areas of professional focus and personal interest include social media, disruptive technology, augmented reality, professional development, music, graphics, and institutional reform, not necessarily in that order. Skip co-chaired the Alaska Technology StandardCommittee, served on Apple’s National Education Advisory Board, and was a member of the planning committee for the Alaska Learning Network. He has held several positions on the ASTE board.former professional musician and current GarageBand and Guitar Rig 4 aficionado.