Now Accepting Nominations for ASTE Awards

Innovation is thriving all around us in education. Technology is cornerstone around which these changes revolve. ASTE is accepting nominations for educators and students pushing these boundaries by integrating technology for positive gains in learning. There are 2 main categories…


The ASTE Leadership award has categories for Teacher/Faculty, Tech Support and Administrator. The intent is to recognize those delivering instruction to students in effective and innovative ways and those helping the teachers find and harness those resources. Look around your building, your district, your PLN; it won’t take long to find those who deserve recognition. For more information or to nominate someone, check out


The ASTE Student award is open to all grade levels. It is intended to recognize students using technology in unique or significant ways to deepen their learning and understanding of academic content. How many times have students taken what you asked them to do in a completely unexpected direction using technology and their unique perspective? Look around your classrooms and your schools, then bring the achievements of these students to an authentic audience by nominating them. For details and to nominate, go to


Nominate someone today! Have more questions? Contact Amanda Duvall, ASTE Volunteer Chair at  

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