Planning for 2015 begins! Our focus will be on games…


Although ASTE 2014 has only been over for a couple of months the ASTE board of directors and executive director are already getting ready for ASTE 2015. We will be getting together towards the end of April to set up calendars, look over bylaws and decide how we will accomplish everything so that we can present yet another ASTE conference that promotes good teaching and learning for the benefit of Alaskan students. We’ll be asking for presenter sessions earlier this year than ever before. We want everybody to have plenty of time to register and get their hotel and airline tickets. So in an effort to help with this we will be setting up the conference schedule deadlines much earlier. Keep an eye out early in the school year for the presenter deadline.Every year we have themes that encourage educators to look at things a little differently. This year we want to focus our attention on using games to learn the skills and standards needed to help our students find success not just in school but in their life outside of academia. There are many ways that games are already being used in the classroom. What are the issues that come up? How do we find appropriate games that go beyond the basics of rote learning? Can students learn and master the standards using games? How do you organize your classroom? Is there an easy way to monitor their work? What happens to your games that need technology and the internet or power goes down? So many questions and issues that come up when educators discuss using games in the classroom. There are solutions. The intent is to provide a forum on how to best use this tool to enhance and entice our learners to excel in their life-long learning pursuits.Won’t you join us for ASTE 2015? If you have ideas send them my way. I’d love to hear from you.

Thérèse Ashton