Summer and ASTE Blog reading lists

Summer is the great glorious giver of time… time to read and review.  Remember right after ASTE when you were exploding with the new ideas presented by the awesome speakers, but you had no time to wallow in reading their blogs or books? Let’s turn back time a bit and give you another chance.


One of our more popular speakers this year was a librarian.  We welcomed many librarians to ASTE this year and they were thrilled with The Daring Librarian, Gwyneth Jones.  Here is a link to the latest blog of April 21st… and it’s one I plan to pocket! It is a reading list for the entire Summer.


Mawi Asgedom was our Keynote Speaker, and he has added a new blog post since the ASTE conference titled  Giving Teachers the Tools to Integrate Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning.


Stay up to date with an ASTE favorite, Frederick Lane.  He has posted a resource on his blog for Cybertraps Discussion Starters, something we all need to keep  up with.


Stay in touch with what is happening with Jethro Jones at Tanana Middle School. He tells us about what he is trying to do to change education.


If you are looking for google inspiration for your lIttles, see Christine Pinto’s newest video post at Gaffe4 Littles.


Keeping up with Natalie Priester is a day to day challenge, but she makes it easy with her twitter handle:


For us at ASTE, summer means discovering speakers to deliver some inspiration for ASTE ‘19, February 16-20.  Plan on attending … you won’t want to miss it.


Genie Siedler – Executive Director of ASTE