Take the time to attend ASTE.

I’m diving into the blog this month to keep you posted on ASTE 2018.

As Executive Director of ASTE, I am committed to making ASTE better every year. Just like you are always trying to make teaching kids better. To learn how, I like to visit other educational technology conferences in the Lower 48 just to compare how we are doing it up here. Last week, I visited CUE in California and had a blast. Visiting another conference just for my own edification reminded me of what it is like to be a teacher and to always be trying to do what we do better everyday. Our goals are often to improve student engagement; to become more effective and efficient with our time. But how do we change, grow, improve? We need help, we need a hand, we need just a few minutes of time to learn something new. I recommend you take the time and attend ASTE this year.

ASTE is that helping hand. Spending a day or two, or three or four can make a difference in your teaching.

This year we are focusing on YOU and YOUR PLAYLIST. Which means we want you to find the tools you need and things you are passionate about. And WOW! Did we find those things. Our line up of keynotes, workshops, sessions and events is outstanding. It measures-up to anything you will find elsewhere, and is guaranteed to fill your bucket, and your playlist. My favorite part of conferences is the Keynote speakers, they can invigorate and inspire your best work. And we have some great ones lined up.

Gwyneth Jones, The Daring Librarian, Future Ready Teacher Librarian, Tech Leader, Keynote Speaker, & 8thGr Lunch Duty Monitor at Howard County Public Schools, will be opening with our keynote on Saturday and also providing sessions for librarians and non librarians alike. You can learn more at

Mawi Asegdom, President of Mawi Learning will Keynote on Monday, all about growing, achieving and cultivating a culture of success.

Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow at the International Center for Leadership in Education will provide our closing keynote.

And our own awesome National Digital Principal of the Year, Jethro Jones, will speak at our ASTE Awards event.



We want to thank our Keynote sponsors, GCI, Mawi Learning and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for helping us bring this amazing line up of keynote speakers.

NEW this year is the ASTE Statewide Summit for Technology Directors. We are inviting some of our favorite people, the Tech Directors, who make it all happen, to gather, discuss, inform and collaborate to find solutions to the challenges in our Alaskan schools. This new official ASTE event is an offspring of grassroots meetings that have sprung up around ASTE-time the last few years., and we are working with DEED to make it valuable to our Tech Directors.

The real meat and potatoes of a conference are the session offerings. Our scheduling team has done a spectacular job recruiting speakers from all over Alaska to bring you the best and most comprehensive sessions possible. You can find them all on our agenda, including these two Featured Speakers:

Christine Pinto, and Catlin Tucker proving some awesome workshops on Saturday:

Google Apps for Littles – Christine  Pinto


Blending Technology & Tradition: Station Rotation & Flipped Classroom  – Catlin Tucker

We also asked some of our business partners to step in and offer some Profession Development at our conference. Look for BrainPOP Certification, 3D printing and Classflow sessions from Konica Minolta, Apple sessions, and some Google topics from ASD Tech folks.

With all that is offered, you will find ways to engage, and improve and become more efficient and effective. I hope to find you at ASTE.


Genie Siedler

Executive Director, ASTE