Taking Care of Your #SELFIE

by Brittnay Bailey

Ahhhh, love that new year smell!  The desks are clean, the pencils are freshly sharpened, the children are smiling, and everything is in its place and ready to go~

And then day two arrives.

Logins aren’t working, websites are down, that new software they put in your computer over the summer crashed the whole system, and someone DARED to use a felt tipped marker on the interactive whiteboard.

Well hopefully it’s not as bad as all that, but it’s safe to say not every day is going to be as perfect as we’d envisioned, and some days might actually feel like a downright disaster.  So it’s important to remember a couple things:

Life will go on.


Be kind to yourself.  

As teachers and educators we tend to put a lot on our plates, and feel as though we must devour the whole thing before we’re allowed dessert.  But every so often you have to eat dessert first.  It’s basically a rule on how to live a good life.  

Teacher burnout is a very real thing that can happen to teachers at any level at any time of the year, so please make sure you’re taking time for yourself.  I promise the essays can wait a day to be graded, and if you have to have a little impromptu free-choice time because you didn’t get that homemade worksheet done last night, it will be okay.  

Plan time for yourself.  Schedule a massage.  Commit to a weekly night of yoga.  Paint.  Sing loudly while cooking that thing you’ve been wanting to try.  Go on a walk while the sun is still out.  Play with your dog or your neighbor’s dog or that dog down the street.  

Eat dessert first.  I promise life will be sweeter for it.


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