UNplug to PlugIN

ASTE Blog by Brittnay Bailey

You may be confused that a technology conference is encouraging people to “unplug,” but what’s one of the first things you do when a piece of tech isn’t working?


“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”


We joke, but that is often exactly what needs to happen to get things back in working order.  And even we as humans need a nice hard reset every once and awhile.


Unplugging doesn’t have to mean totally escaping from the tech world.  It could simply be getting away from the things that are tethering you to a desk, a school of thought, or even an undesirable attitude.  Unplug from the things that aren’t working for you or your students, so you can plug into what does.  


At ASTE 2019 we are so excited to offer you panels, workshops, featured guests and keynote speakers to keep us all current on how professionals in Alaska and beyond are unplugging and finding balance in their lives.