ASTE 2016 Conference






February 18th – 21st

Educators today are living in a world of uncertainty.  New standards, new tests, new evaluation systems, and the list of “new” continues from year to year. Maintaining your identity as an educator has never been more difficult.  ASTE 2017 wants you to take a step back and focus on your selfie. Only when one truly focuses on taking care of themselves can they fully take care of the needs of their students.  Come explore new exciting technologies and pedagogies to take back into your classroom.  Capture these moments so you can refer back to them for years to come.  Connect with your fellow colleagues from around the state, and reflect often on the amazing talents you bring to your students on a daily basis.  

We look forward to seeing you at ASTE 2017 – Selfie

We ​have just completed ​our ​36th ​educational ​technology ​conference, ​the ​premier ​educational ​technology ​event ​in ​Alaska, ​which ​was held ​on ​Saturday, ​February ​20, ​2016, ​at ​the ​Hotel ​Captain ​Cook ​in ​Anchorage, ​Alaska, ​and ​ran ​through ​Tuesday, ​February ​23rd. ​Our conference ​includes ​teachers, ​technology ​personnel ​and ​school ​leadership ​teams ​and will ​feature ​inspiring ​keynote ​speakers ​on ​all ​four ​days, ​and ​dozens ​of ​technology ​sessions, ​workshops, ​and ​presentations. ​

2016 Conference fees

2016 Conference Registration Fees Register early for the best rates! Early-Bird
end 11/3
end 1/27
Late start 1/28
 ASTE Membership will be added to the conference fee  $25.00  $25.00  $25.00
Full Conference  $510.00  $530.00  $545.00
Full Conference for Presenters and Volunteers- Super Early-bird rate applies throughout the registration period.  $510.00  $510.00  $510.00
 One-day Pass  $210.00  $230.00  $245.00
Two Day Pass  $310.00  $330.00  $345.00
Three Day Pass  $410.00  $430.00  $445.00


Student Registration Fees:

  • A student is any age, attending full time at an educational institution.
end 11/3
end 1/27
Late start 1/28
Student Membership will be added to the Conference Fee $10.00 $10.00 $10.00
Full Conference  $100.00  $100.00  $100.00
 One Day Pass  $25.00  $25.00  $25.00
 Two Day Pass  $50.00  $50.00  $50.00
 Three Day Pass  $75.00  $75.00  $75.00


Cancellation Policy for 2016 conference

Refund requests must be emailed to Be sure to write “ASTE REFUND REQUEST” in the subject line. Refund requests will be subject to a $50 administrative fee, and those received after February 20, 2016, regardless of time sent, cannot be honored.

CHANGES TO REGISTRATION: Beginning on February 20th, 2016, only late registration will be allowed, and existing registrations will be considered confirmed allowing registration materials to be printed and facility and meal arrangements to be finalized.

Prior to February 20th, 2016, registrants may follow the link to their registration confirmation email to make changes to their own registration at any time. If any changes are made on or after February 20th, 2016, the changes will not be considered valid unless facilitated by ASTE staff, which will require a $50 change fee.

Changes that require ASTE staff support at any time in the registration timeline will incur a $50 change fee.